I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Klouekanme, Benin from 2007-9. During my time there I wrote a small textbook for learners of Ajagbe/Aja (spoken in the Kufo) and a grammar. The grammar is descriptive and is targeted towards linguists. It may also be useful to people making educational materials in or about Aja.

Both books surely contain errors. Please email corrections or comments to me at morleye at gmail. Also, note that the Aja textbook is written in French while the grammar is written in English. Both books are public domain. If you want the LaTeX source code for either book, please email me at morleye at gmail (dot com) and tell me what you intend to use it for.

The grammar is being published by Lincom Europa. Both that and the textbook are available in PDF format.

I update these book occasionally, so please check the date on the cover of your copy to ensure it is up to date. The most recent version of the grammar is dated March 12, 2011, and the textbook is dated July 29, 2009. If the date on your version is earlier, please upgrade!

Ajagbe Textbook Creative Commons License
This work is in the Public Domain.

A Grammar of Ajagbe Creative Commons License
This work is in the Public Domain.

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